Florence Beato Angelico

San Marco

  • museum

  • Whisper

  • partially accessible

  • Average duration 1.5

The San Marco museum is located in the Dominican convent of San Marco, built in 1443 by Michelozzo for Cosimo de 'Medici the Elder. Historically known for the preacher Girolamo Savonarola, his reputation rests today on the world's best collection of works by Fra Beato Angelico.

We start our tour in the San Marco museum with a visit to the Cloister of S. Antoninus. In the Pilgrim's Hospice Room, we focus on some of the most famous paintings by Fra Angelico ('Deposition from the Cross', the 'Linnaioli Tabernacle', the 'San Marco Altarpiece'). In the Chapter room then follows Fra Angelico's large 'Crucifixion' before we see a famous portrait of Savonarola, painted by Fra Bartolomeo shortly after the execution of the monk. On the upper floor we are confronted with Fra Angelico's 'Annunciation', one of the most famous works of Renaissance painting. Our visit proceeds with the cells of the monks painted by Angelico and his collaborators and with the outstanding library, the favourite meeting point for Florentine humanists such as Poliziano and Pico della Mirandola. Our tour finishes on the ground floor with Domenico Ghirlandaio's 'Last Supper'.

Average duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 160.00 € up to 20 people + 2,00 € for any further person in the group

Entrance fee: 4,00 € p.p