Medici Chapels

Medici Chapels

  • museum

  • Whisper

  • partially accessible

  • Average duration 1.5

The Medici Chapels were built as a mausoleum for the famous Florentine dynasty. The artistic highlight of the building is the New Sacristy, created by Michelangelo Buonarroti, which preserves some of his most famous sculptures.

Our guided tour starts with a visit to the crypt, in which most members of the Medici and the subsequent Lorraine dynasty were buried. From here we reach the mighty 'Cappella dei Principi' and Michelangelo's New Sacristy which can be read as the artist's philosophical and artistic interpretation of the entire human life.

Upon request, the visit of the Medici Chapels can be completed by the visit of the adjacent church of San Lorenzo. In its Old Sacristy, build by Brunelleschi, were buried the earliest members of the Medici dynasty.

Average duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 160.00 €

Entrance fee: 11,00 € p.p. (skip the line included)

Maximum 20 people - If desired, the tour can be complemented by a visit to the adjacent church of San Lorenzo, where the oldest members of the Medici dynasty were buried in the ancient sacristy.