Firenze Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio

  • museum

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  • Average duration 1.5

Built in 1299, the Palazzo Vecchio (old palace) was the first seat of the Signoria, or city council. Later it was called Palazzo Ducale and finally Palazzo Vecchio when the Medici court moved into Palazzo Pitti. The building attracted again public attention in 1865 when it was chosen as the seat of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Italy.

Our guided tour of Palazzo Vecchio starts from the courtyard of Michelozzo embellished by the famous grotesques and city views of the Habsburg Empire, then continues inside with the monumental hall of the sixteenth century, decorated by Vasari and his workshop, the rooms of Pope Leo X, and those of Eleonora, the Spanish consort of Cosimo I de 'Medici, as many others that illustrate the long history of the palace and its famous inhabitants.

Average duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 160.00 € up to 25 people + 2,00 € for any further person in the group

Entrance fee: 10,00 € p.p.; 8,00 € p.p. (18 - 25 and over 65 years)