Pisa Urania

Pisa - Science & Poetry

  • walking tour

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  • Average duration 2.5

During this tour, you will learn about Pisa, its history, art and buildings through the testimonies of some of its most famous inhabitants. The city in which Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci and Antonio Pacinotti were born is also the place where the first botanical garden in the world was created and since 1810 the Scuola Normale Superiore, a world class academic institution, trains future Nobel laureates such as Enrico Fermi and Carlo Rubbia. Already a destination of European travelers in the 16th century, Pisa was visited by writers and poets such as Michel de Montaigne, Montesquieu, Giacomo Leopardi, Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley, by Jacob Burckhardt, Rudolf Borchardt, Virginia Woolf and many others who have left interesting testimonies of their stay in the Arno city.

Our tour starts at Campo Santo, where you will learn about Leonardo Fibonacci, the father of modern mathematics and Pacinotti, the inventor of the dynamo. The cathedral, then is the right place to understand why the devout Catholic Galilei challenged the Pope. In a few minutes we reach from here the Piazza dei Cavalieri with the Scuola Normale. At the university, which is only a stone's throw away, not only Galileo taught science but also Corradino Ascanio, to whom we owe the VESPA, the famous scooter. Our walk in the footsteps of poets and thinkers ends at the Arno, the classic promenade of all travelers.

Average duration: 2.5 hours

Price: 160.00 € up to 25 people + 2,00 € for any further person in the group

Entrance fee: Campo Santo + Cathedral: 5,00 p.p