Tasting wine olive oil Tuscany

Food & Wine Classes

The tasting of typical, local products is now part of every trip to Tuscany. To make these experiences more lasting, however, we need knowledge and skills. Our wine and food seminars dedicated to olive oil, wine, cheese and other typical products provide these tools.

Our experts in the wine & food sector present the various typical products of Tuscan cuisine. A fun travel experience to take home.


Since ancient times, wine has always been the symbol par excellence of culture and the joy of living. Italy, together with France, the most important wine producing country in the world, produces an a...


Extra virgin olive oil - EVO

The extra virgin olive oil, an essential part of the now famous Mediterranean diet, has conquered in recent years also the markets of northern Europe and the United States. Yet the knowledge on it...



Cheese is the oldest way to store milk. Today we know more than 3000 types of cheeses of which the largest variety is produced in Italy and France. Led by a professional cheese taster O.N.A.F. ...