Sorano - Classical tour

  • walking tour

  • panoramic

  • Average duration 1.5

Sorano is located at 379 m s.l.m. on a cliff of tufa. From a distance it seems a sort of Tuscan Matera for the appearance of its houses and its buildings, interlocked between them. Already inhabited in Etruscan times, Sorano was born as an ancient possession of the powerful family Aldobrandeschi and then passed under the Orsinis and finally under the control of Florence before being incorporated by the Medici in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The main points of our guided tour of Sorano are the Orsini Fortress, the Church of San Niccolò, the Palazzo Comitale and the Masso Leopoldino.

Average duration: 1.5 hours

Price: 160.00 € up to 25 people + 2,00 € for any further person in the group