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Villas and Gardens around Florence 

Villas and gardens have always been considered to be the quintessence of Tuscan life style. Visiting some of Florence's most representative villas and parks you get to learn the essential elements of Tuscan gardening and country life.


Garden & Villa Petraia

The villa della Petraia is one of the most important Medici villas, a typical suburban residence where the grand dukes of the De 'Medici family could retire from court life. Located on the slopes ...


Garden of Villa di Castello

Villa di Castello was built next to a cistern (castellum aquae) of a Roman aqueduct from which the town takes its name. As early as 1477 a property of the De 'Medici family was the house where Cos...


Garden of villa Gamberaia

Among the Florentine villas, the Gamberaia is surely one of the most fascinating places. Skilled hands have performed a complex project that brings together in a small space of about 1 hectare all t...